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Lets have a coffee, and a chat.


Staring at my steaming mug of coffee as I write this, I consider why I want to start a blog in the first place. Today is Results Day, and following today’s successes I will be whisked away to Oxford University, starting October 1, to study English Language and Literature. Life as a student, I am presuming, will be one of hectic mayhem and joy, and one which I would quite like to document.

I’ll post various bits and bobs on this site; book reviews, ‘If We Were Having Coffee…’ posts (a format I love, but cannot source back to a creator…), maybe a rant or two if politics continues in the direction its going, and god knows what else depending on when the mood strikes me to post. I hope to not be too boring, and I hope that anyone who’s stumbles upon this blog and reads it can find in it some solace, relation, humour and enjoyment.

Until next time.